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The Aspen Ideas Festival Opening Salvo: Part II

June 28, 2014  • Institute Contributor

The 2014 Aspen Ideas Festival kicked off with a few of the more than 350 speakers offering their big ideas for making the world a better place by 2024. Why a decade from now? Because the Festival is celebrating its own 10th anniversary this year with a bigger, better week of events than ever before. Here’s Part II of a sampling of what the week will bring.

“Our big idea is that creativity is a scientific principle. … The creative impulse is in human beings like blood, which has different types, but is in every one us of us. … Art is the expression of the soul, the language of the soul. What people would deny their young language?”  — Alfre Woodard, Actress 

Did [parents living in poverty] know they could change their child’s trajectory? No. Did they want to know the science? Yes. During mealtime, bath time, and any time Vroom delivers actionable tips and the science behind them. Parents can be brain builders in their homes, in their neighborhoods, and on the go. — Jackie Bezos, Co-Director at The Bezos Family Foundation

“What if our devices were more curious about us?” — Alexander Reben, Kinetic Engineer and Interactive Artist

“The big idea … we have to end violence on the streets of America as we know it, especially…since 1980, 626,000 citizens have lost their lives on the streets of America. Its more than all of the American citizens we lost in all of the American wars of the 20th century. … America can’t be strong abroad if it can’t be strong at home.” — Mitch Landrieu, Mayor of New Orleans