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The Politics of Change

August 1, 2014

City of New Orleans Councilmember LaToya Cantrell and US Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx speak at the 2014 Aspen Action Forum.

As disruption was a major theme at the 2014 Aspen Action Forum, one panel focused on what it takes to upset the divisive US political system of today to make room for a more representative — and inclusive — Washington. Three such disruptors sat down with New York Times columnist Anand Girdharadas to share their perspectives on what’s wrong with the nation today and how the government can fix it.

Looking Ahead: What Happens After the Graying and Browning of America?

In a discussion about how, over time, Americans will become older and more diverse, Univision Radio Host and Henry Crown Fellow Fernando Espuelas offered his take on what it will mean for the country. “I’m a very firm believer that this is a country where people really do want to get along, but it’s also a country where we have more than enough politicians willing to divide us through fear.” Watch the clip above to hear Espuelas expound on that view.

What New Amendment Would Change the Country?

In the clip above, each panelist shares what new Amendment they think would have the most positive impact in the country.