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Prevent Bad Stuff. Measure Good Stuff.

April 24, 2015  • David Devlin-Foltz

An ounce of prevention “Protects our Future”
APEP is sometimes a bit, well, snarky about the potential of research and actual facts to influence policy and behavior. But this week we honor the work of the National Prevention Science Coalition to Improve Lives and the endearingly dorky video manifesto you’ll find there. The Coalition has some mighty – and mighty positive – affiliates creating and implementing research-based interventions to prevent bad stuff before it happens.   


Stop looking at the pretty infographics – and benchmark your own self
M+R has come out with their latest report on benchmarks for fund-raising and social media (among other things) based on data from 84 nonprofits. Ok – limited data set – but look at all the pretty infographics!


Comprehensively sexually educated social media
Some of your APEP pals teach comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in our copious spare time (CST). So in our CST we are sometimes looking for great CSE materials and insights. Like this post from on the potential – and limits – of social media to reach adolescents with accurate information about sexuality and contraception. Yup – only so much you can do via Instagram.


A fourth item?
Nope – just fair warning that “So What” gets a week off for good behavior. See you May 8th