So What?

Quality Bingo

January 23, 2015  • David Devlin-Foltz

Visualize SOTU with Ebola… and Africa without it

For all you SOTU Bingo players, big points if you had Ebola on your board. President Obama offered a shout-out to the US military’s assistance in Tuesday night’s State of the Union speech, but that aid may have accomplished less than African philanthropy, as our colleague Jane Wales blogged. Cautious optimism in order: with Mali now clear of Ebola cases, here’s a bit of data viz we are delighted to share.


Smart(er) media measurement 

Many bytes (and less ink, presumably) have been spilled about designing and assessing digital advocacy strategy. Our pals at Spitfire offer their free S.M.A.R.T.S. guide that may make it easier. And our pals at Douglas Gould and Company have some cool tools and benchmarks for assessing Communications for Change. And don’t forget – in the zippy, trippy world of social media, you gotta stay on top of Facebook changes that may affect your digital strategy.


Putting the quality in qualitative evaluation

Last week we gave a little shout-out to recent AEA365 posts on qualitative evaluation, done right. Just in case you missed others: here is the scene setter on quality qualitative evaluation; and here is Michael Quinn Patton his own self on utilization-focused evaluation and the role of qualitative evaluation.