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Statement on Radhika Fox’s Appointment to Lead EPA’s Office of Water

January 22, 2021  • Energy and Environment Program

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Driving Equitable Access to Water and Public Lands
December 8, 2020 • Kate Jaffee

The Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Program is delighted to congratulate Radhika Fox, CEO of the US Water Alliance, and 2019 and 2020 Aspen-Nicholas Water Forum co-chair, on  her appointment by President Joe Biden to the Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Office of Water at the Environmental Protection Agency. Her appointment was announced on January 20, 2021. 

Fox has played a critical role in the Aspen-Nicholas Water Forum, specifically shaping the strategic direction and focus of the 2020 Forum around the equity and affordability of U.S. water systems. This topic was especially relevant and amidst the health and economic crises of the past year and Fox and the US Water Alliance’s leadership was instrumental in developing the composition of the sessions.

Alongside Martin Doyle, Director of the Water Policy Program at the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions at Duke University Nicholas Institute, Fox cultivated and fostered innovative dialogue at a moment of immense disruption, challenge, and opportunity in the water industry. Doyle expressed only regret that Fox wouldn’t be able to continue to co-chair the Aspen-Nicholas water forum in 2021. 

“I am truly delighted that Radhika Fox has been selected to lead the Office of Water at EPA,” Doyle said. “Few people have been as visionary as Radhika for how the water sector needs to change to address the needs of all Americans. She has been a true champion for moving the nation toward sustainable water, and particularly for ensuring that water services are affordable and equitable across all communities.” 

The Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Program is humbled and honored to have worked with such a visionary leader in the sector and looks forward to continuing to engage with her in her new capacity. “We are proud to count Radhika Fox as an ally to all those who seek clean water to drink and oceans, rivers, and lakes to enjoy,” Greg Gershuny, Executive Director of the Program said. 

“Radhika understands that the intersecting public health, unemployment, racial justice, and climate crises have revealed deep, systemic fault lines in our society, and exacerbated health and financial disparities across racial, gender, and geographic lines.  She will play a critical role in President Biden and Vice President Harris’s Administration in addressing those issues,” said Gershuny.

See the report for the 2020 Aspen-Nicholas Water Forum here: