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Dick Lugar brought Thoughtfulness, Civility and Leadership to the US Senate

May 9, 2012  • Dan Glickman

In Washington it is said that no politician is indispensable, but Senator Dick Lugar is as close as it comes. Over four decades, Senator Lugar has served his constituents and the American people with the quiet dignity and practical leadership that is becoming a rarity in Congress. His accomplishments are too numerous to list, but every American owes him thanks for his tireless efforts to protect us from nuclear, chemical and biological attacks. I hope that legislators of both parties will try to emulate his statesmanship, thoughtfulness and leadership.

Senator Lugar has long been a supporter of the Aspen Institute Congressional Program because he understands the importance of bipartisan discourse and civility in Congress. He is a friend to many at the Aspen Institute and his primary defeat is not only a loss for us but a loss for the American people and for civility in the American political system. I urge you to read his concession speech which can be found here.