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May 18, 2012

Our Next Advocacy Evaluation Breakfast: A Closer Look at Global Health Policy Networks
Globally, why have deaths from certain conditions declined faster than others? Typically, people’s answers focus on the quality of medical interventions. What’s missing is consideration of the actors: the individuals and organizations linked by a shared concern for a condition, what might be called its “global health policy network.” On June 5th, from 8:15 to 9:45AMAmerican University Professor Jeremy Shiffman will talk about what makes one network more effective than another. Please RSVP here.

You Like Me…You Really Like Me!
Popularity isn’t everything, of course. To which us evaluation nerds can say, “amen.” But data about how people or institutions or nations are viewed can be a useful asset in planning a communications effort. Looks like Japan is the most likely to be prom queen this year—but check out how fluid these opinions are and remember as advocates to keep your own public opinion data up to date.

So Much Data. Now What?
Excitement on Wall Street is building ahead of Facebook’s long-awaited IPO. But as The New York Times put it earlier this week, Facebook’s profitability will depend on how it leverages its treasure trove of data collected from millions of users worldwide. Sure, Facebook isn’t exactly the go-to business model for advocates. The lesson here, however, still applies: no matter how much data you gather, if it doesn’t tell you something you need to know (and help you know your audience better) its use will be very limited.