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San Francisco Salon

November 20, 2010  • Institute Contributor

Sustainable Communities: Designing Places that ThriveSF Seminar 2010
How can fresh ways of thinking about design, energy, transportation, and agriculture come together in sustainable communities? How can we create places where people can care about and learn from their environment to form viable communities? How do we define sustainable communities? What elements of our communities do we value most? The design, re-shaping & evolution of our communities will be correlated with changes in how we consume energy, move around, put food on the table, manage health and well being, encounter each other and thrive.   What roles do personal initiative, technology and cultural assumptions play in advancing sustainability and meeting needs of a growing population and changing planet?  Can we become more efficient and reduce our resource use quickly enough?   What changes will most enable us to move to more sustainable practices? In this seminar, we will examine our communities and discuss what is necessary to ensure that citizens of a community can thrive. 
Moderators: Michelle Lapinski, Director of Corporate Practices, The Nature Conservancy, and Founding Principal of SustainBiz, and Donlyn LyndonEva Li Professor Emeritus of Architecture and Urban Design, UC Berkeley

Preceding the seminar in downtown San Francisco on November 20, a reception was held in Sea Cliff on Friday, November 19.