So What?

Scarecrow wins Nobel Prize as it was…

October 31, 2014  • David Devlin-Foltz

Outstanding in the field? Moving and shaking?

We’ve used this space to question whether everything that moves is a “movement”. We’ve asked whether some “fields” are really empty lots. Who has the chops to take on these tough definitional and measurement issues for assessing advocacy fields and movements? Jewlya Lynn of SparkPolicy and the Center for Evaluation Innovation, that’s who.

Are you aware of complexity aware monitoring?

Well, you should be, dear reader, if you follow “So What?” with the fervor we hope to inspire. Or if you are tasked to monitor and evaluate complex processes like peacebuilding or public policy advocacy. Heather Britt and her USAID colleagues described their work on “complexity aware monitoring” at one of our Aspen Evaluation Breakfasts We’re happy to relay Heather’s report that USAID’s “Learning Lab” now includes a page on Complexity Aware Monitoring basics – and more. Don’t be unaware, friends; check it out!

Free breakfast? And super sexy evaluation topics? Tell me more!

Do partisan media influence American voters? Some say yea, others nay. The evidence says… less than you might think. Our next Aspen Evaluation Breakfast will feature APEP’s deputy director Susanna Dilliplane discussing her doctoral research on whether, how, and how much exposure to partisan media sources – the likes of Fox News’ Sean Hannity or MSNBC’s Chris Matthews – really influence us. We expect to provoke a lively discussion about the implications of partisan media effects for the health of American democracy. Join us for democracy and Danishes on December 2 from 8:15-9:45 AM at our One Dupont Circle NW digs. Save that date and stay tuned for sign-up details next week. And don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, fellow citizens!