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State of the Union – The Tweet Heard ‘Round the World – Foreign Assistance Advocacy Made Easy

January 28, 2011  • Paul L. Sparks

State the Union Confusion on Foreign Policy
You’ve got questions about the State of the Union? Foreign Policy has answers (or at least some snarky comments). Read how Josh Rogin translates the speech for the benefit of the confused. Or if you’re in a more serious mood, see how close FP came to predicting ten things Obama wouldn’t talk about. (P.S., if you’re a trivia nut, you might enjoy these FAQs on the speech in general.)

Tweet for Democracy or a Wikileaks Revolution?
Commentators are debating if recent events in Tunisia represent “The Next Twitter revolution.” While the role of social media is questionable, “next” implies followers (and predecessors). Many are asking if this revolution will inspired others in Egypt and Yemen (or maybe even Saudi Arabia). One thing’s for sure, pro-democracy advocates will be watching closely as events unfold (and so will we).

Interaction’s Foreign Assistance Briefing Book
Interaction just released its 2011 Foreign Assistance Briefing Book. It looks at 16 issues (e.g. climate change, food security, urban poverty) as salient foreign aid challenges for the 112th Congress. The key thing about the briefing book is the “brief” part. Each section stands alone as a succinct list of recommendations for policymakers to increase the effectiveness of U.S. foreign assistance.