Climate Change

Story Time!

March 8, 2013

Climate Change Advocacy

The connection between climate change and security concerns can easily be over-drawn, limiting its credibility.  But Anne-Marie Slaughter and her research colleagues are serious about their analysis.  Here’s the advocacy—and advocacy evaluation—challenge: when the driver of political change is as huge as global climate change, it can be daunting to imagine (or measure) how an individual organization can make a meaningful contribution.

Storytelling 101

M+R Strategic Services knows all about good stories.  Heck, they’ve been helping clients sharpen their own messaging and build up communications capacity for some time now.  So good on them for offering a webinar on this very issue next week—“Storytelling and the Power of Making Headlines”—for free.  Yep, that’s right: no fee.  Zero.  And while you’re signing up, check out M+R’s recent NTEN: Change article on the “6 Guiding Principles for Advocacy Campaign Coalitions.”  Advocates, these are a few general strategies you may want to add to your toolkit. 

Evaluation & Nonprofits

In case you missed it, the Center for Effective Philanthropy published a study last year looking at how nonprofits use evaluation, and how they view the role of foundations in promoting impact assessment.  Major takeaway: nonprofits genuinely want to understand the impact of their work and improve what they do; and they want more support for evaluation, financial and technical, from funders.  Innovation Network shares similar findings in their brand-spankin’ new report, “State of Evaluation 2012.”