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Success in Libya/AIDS Champions/Resilience in Vietnam

March 25, 2011  • Lisa Molinaro

Sure, we’ll succeed in Libya… by which we mean what, exactly?
The intervention in Libya seems to have one emergent characteristic, chided by pundits of all stripes: ambiguity. Much of APEP’s work in advocacy evaluation involves setting measurable, time-bound and meaningful benchmarks. Maybe the administration should think through how to track success and clarify purpose before jumping into tough fights.   

Elizabeth Taylor: Remembered as a Champion in the Fight against HIV/AIDS
Liz Taylor will be remembered for starring roles on the silver screen, but her most lasting impact may stem from work on HIV/AIDS. She was not just the first famous AIDS advocate—she was also dedicated to direct service. Miss Taylor’s life is a great reminder of the influence high-profile champions can leverage. She will be dearly missed by the AIDS advocacy community the world over.

Hope and Resilience in Vietnam
APEP’s own David Devlin-Foltz moonlights at Aspen as support staff and sometimes strategist for The US-Vietnam Dialogue Group on Agent Orange/Dioxin.  Just back from a recent delegation to the country, which included former Members of Congress and prominent religious figures among its participants, David writes about some promising developments in the long struggle to address the tragic human and environmental legacy of wartime defoliant use.