Around the Institute

Summer Talks in Aspen

September 10, 2017  • Aspen Community Programs

A number of enlightening and informative discussions took place throughout the summer at the Institute’s Aspen Meadows campus in Aspen, CO. Watch these talks below.

The McCloskey Speaker Series

The Future of News with David Leonhardt

New York Times op-ed columnist David Leonhardt discusses the role of the media in a time when it is under attack.

General Keith Alexander

Keith Alexander, a retired United States Army four-star general and former director of the National Security Agency, discussed the current threats to cybersecurity.

John Kelly on Securing the Homeland

Then-Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly discussed today’s biggest security threats in the context of a new presidential administration. Hosted in partnership with the Aspen Security Forum.

Republican Governors

Republican Governors Phil Bryant (MS), Doug Burgum (ND), Mary Fallin (OK), Eric Greitens (MO), and Scott Walker (WI) joined Walter Isaacson.

US Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

US Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg discussed the legacy of, and her friendship with, the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Thomas J. Barrack, Jr.

Thomas J. Barrack (seated at right) was the Chairman of the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee and one of President Trump’s major fundraisers. He discussed his personal insights into the 45th president and his vision for the country.

The Hurst Lecture Series

Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA)

Financial Times US Managing Editor Gillian Tett interviews Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

America’s Path Forward

The Hurst Lecture Series, in collaboration with the Aspen Strategy Group, featured a discussion on America’s role in the world with former National Security Advisors Condolezza Rice, Stephen Hadley, Susan Rice, and Thomas Donilon, in coversation with Aspen Strategy Group Director Nicholas Burns.

The Murdock Mind, Body, Spirit Series

Gretchen Rubin

Author and New York Times bestselling Gretchen Rubin discussed counter-intuitive strategies for making habit changes.

Dr. Daniel Levitin

Dr. Daniel Levitin is a neuroscientist, musician, and author. He discussed how new research into the cognitive neuroscience of attention and memory can be applied to address the challenges of our daily lives.

Sandra Day O’Connor Conversation Series

US Supreme Court Associate Justice Elena Kagan

The inaugural O’Connor Conversation featured Associate Justice Elena Kagan of the US Supreme Court, interviewed by Hon. Margaret Marshall, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts.