Tell Us the Books that Changed Your Worldview

May 24, 2017  • Adrienne Brodeur

Over the past four months, publishers across the country have submitted book nominations for the inaugural Aspen Words Literary Prize, a $35,000 award honoring an influential work of fiction that illuminates a vital contemporary issue. 2017 is shaping up to be a year of extraordinary literary achievement. We look forward to announcing the Aspen Words Literary Prize longlist in December, in association with our media partner, NPR Books.

But today we are excited to launch a social media campaign celebrating the books that have influenced readers over the years — works from our collective libraries that have shifted our perspectives, expanded our worldviews, or transformed our understanding of critical issues. Reading brings us joy, escape, compassion, knowledge, entertainment, and much more; but literature can also serve as a platform for meaningful dialogue around the most challenging issues that we face in our communities. With this campaign, we are asking readers to respond to the following question:

What book has made you see the world differently?

Aspen Words and the Aspen Institute will be sharing responses to this question – from acclaimed authors, emerging writers, and others involved with our programs – over the coming weeks and months. With these messages, we hope to create a virtual library of books that expand our perspectives and move the cultural dialogue forward, underscoring the mission of the Aspen Words Literary Prize.


Get Involved

On Twitter, share the titles of the books that have shaped your worldview and use the hashtag #AspenLitPrize and tag @AspenWords. Tag us on Facebookand share with us the name of a book that has made you see the world differently and why.