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Three Cups/Beth’s Blog/MFAN

April 29, 2011

Three Cups of BS
Sometimes, we’d all just like to believe. In the Easter Bunny. In guaranteed annual 12% returns. In the ability of one lone mountaineer to transform the lives of thousands of Pakistani and Afghan girls. Alas: Alanna Shaikh reminds us that credible advocacy requires us to hold even the most appealing projects accountable. Might have happened sooner if only someone had given the girls – Mortenson’s constituency – a voice. Like our pals at Keystone Accountability

Beth’s Blog
Would you like to learn how networked nonprofits are using social media to power change…just by reading one blog? We are fans of Beth’s Blog and its creative analyses of social media campaigns, trends, and uses. This week, Beth shared insight on the intersection of social media and each of the following: wikis, conference learning, capacity building, and nonprofit innovation. We’re fans, become Beth’s 8276th fan!

Speaking of Blogs We Love
Another great blog we love is Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network’s ModernizeAid. What might be even better than the blog itself are the SHORT daily updates they send directly to your email. We may have a slight bias on this one because their format is similar to ours. Follow the directions for MFAN News Clips to join.