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November 5, 2010  • Institute Contributor

Retirees, Annuitization and Defined Contribution Plans (October 2010)

A presentation by Principal Research Fellow Paul Yakoboski.

Increased Longevity and the Annuity Solution: How Retirement Policy Reforms Can Reduce Longevity Risk (May 2010)

This paper aims to highlight the important role of annuities in retirement planning and dispel some of their related myths and misconceptions.

Are Plan Administrators Prepared to Meet New Regulatory Requirements? (February 2010)

This paper discusses survey findings from a TIAA-CREF Institute survey of more than 400 plan administrators at not-for-profit and governmental institutions with 403(b) plans.

The Use and Impact of Advice among Near Retirees (February 2010)

This paper analyzes the array of planning issues individuals face as they grow older and approach retirement.

Staying on the Path to a Secure Retirement: Using the Asset-Salary Ratio as a Retirement Compass (December 2009)

This paper offers reasons why participant statements should include measures such as the Asset-Salary Ratio and retirement income projections in order for participants to make better, more informed choices.

Perspectives on Retirement System Reform for the 21st Century (December 2009)

This Policy Brief provides essays from five experts in retirement research and policy analysis offering their perspectives on worthwhile reforms to the U.S. retirement system.

Converting Assets to Income in Retirement: What Near Retirees are Thinking (October 2009)

This report examined the concerns of savers approaching retirement age in the higher education sector regarding managing that savings in retirement and their plans for converting it into income.