So What?

Tough Questions; Some Answers.

January 6, 2016  • David Devlin-Foltz

“So What?” – Your Weekly Guide to Advocacy With Impact 

Lovingly selected and lightly snarked by Team APEP: David Devlin-Foltz, Susanna Dilliplane, and Christine Ferris


New Year. New Politics?

Last call for the first Aspen Evaluation Breakfast  of 2016. Daniel Stid, director of the Madison Initiative at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, will discuss the Initiative’s efforts to understand how current trends in political strategy complicate traditional models for how policy change occurs. With our co-sponsors from the Center for Evaluation Innovation, we’ll consider the implications for evaluating policy change. Reserve your shot of (decent) coffee, good breakfast goodies, and great ideas right here  


Tough questions

Marc Holley, Evaluation Unit Director at the Walton Foundation, is a thoughtful champion of adding more rigor and structure to the sometimes squishy world of advocacy evaluation. We like this useful guide to “measuring what matters.”  And as merchants of snark, how could we not appreciate this forthcoming webinar on Unappreciative Inquiry a 12-point guide to tough questions to pose about evaluation reports. Possibly painful questions. But useful and instructive pain. It hurts so good.


Implement – and evaluate

A brand new brief from ORS Impact explores the advocacy process during the critical (and too often overlooked) policy implementation phase. Indeed: the advocate’s work is not done when the law is signed or the regulation published. And neither is the advocacy evaluator’s work. Check out Beyond the Win: Pathways for Policy Implementation.    


See you in two weeks
That’s right: we’re on our new fortnightly, bi-weekly, more-or-less semi-monthly schedule. Weep not. Learn patience.


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