So What?

Truth, Justice, and the APEP Way

October 28, 2016  • Aspen Planning and Evaluation Program

“So What?” – Your BI-Weekly Guide to Advocacy With Impact
Lovingly selected and lightly snarked by Team APEP: David Devlin-Foltz, Susanna Dilliplane, and Alex Gabriel

No Data, No Justice

Hearing cries for justice, the system responded – marginally. The Justice Department will begin collecting data on police shootings and use of force. And a good dataset is the start of a good analysis. But this is not yet a good dataset. Police departments must voluntarily report their use of force. And that may be harder to do than to get taxpayers to voluntarily report that they want to pay more in taxes. So approach the data cautiously. And check out citizen reporting from the forthcoming SWAT app, or the Invisible Institute’s Citizens Police Data Project, which provides information from the Chicago Police Department collected through Freedom of Information Act requests.

Better Data, More Justice (Maybe?)

We recently wrote about the rich datasets available from the World Bank to data-hounds eager to go deeper than cheerful aggregate stats about falling poverty rates. Better data are needed especially to understand the extent of gender-based violence. And with a hat-tip to friend of APEP Carlisle Levine, we recommend the Multidimensional Poverty Index from the compassionate, pointy-headed dons at the Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative.

Shameless Self-Promotion

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