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Tuition Assistance Policy Discussion: Roadmap to a Skilled and Educated Workforce

February 14, 2019  • Jaime S. Fall, Rachael Bourque (Pearson) & Sean Stowers (Pearson)

Tuition assistance programs can be an effective tool to help upskill employees, but they need to be aligned with the needs of employees and your business to maximize their impact.

For businesses looking to create a new program, or improve an existing one, UpSkill America partnered with Pearson to develop a new tool “Tuition Assistance Policy Discussion: Roadmap to a Skilled and Educated Workforce” to help walk you through a series of important questions in the process of developing effective policies for tuition assistance.

This tool and its step-by-step process will help you review your goals and needs and make sure that your company’s programs are accessible, coordinated, and structured. Each step in the roadmap has key questions to answer to create a thorough review process.

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This tool is the latest in a series released in the past year, thanks to a grant from Walmart to support UpSkill America’s work to equip businesses with tools to educate, train, and support frontline workers’ development to advance their careers. The work builds on UpSkill America’s 2017 UpSkilling Playbook for Employers.

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Tuition assistance can be an effective #upskilling tool, but programs must align with the needs of your employees and business. Learn more in a new tool by @upskillamerica & @pearson.

For businesses creating or expanding a tuition assistance program, @upskillamerica & @pearson developed a tool to walk you through the important questions.

Ready to start your #upskilling journey? @upskillamerica & @pearson created a roadmap to ensure that your company’s tuition assistance programs are accessible, coordinated, and structured.

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