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Two Governors Fill Out Roundtable in Jackson

June 1, 2006  • Institute Contributor

At the second event of the series, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and former Gov. William Winter brought their insights to a June roundtable on Savings in America in Jackson, Miss., at which participants discussed saving  and investing, especially in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

“When the storm came through, there were a lot of people who were left with nothing; perhaps their home was their life savings,” said Gov. Barbour. “Those who didn’t own a home maybe didn’t have enough insurance to get a new car. I think it’s spotlighting that even in one of the more prosperous areas of our state, savings is very difficult for many people.”

Other notable attendees included Walter Isaacson, President & CEO of the Aspen Institute; Claiborne Barksdale, CEO of the Barksdale Reading Institute; Bill Bynum, CEO of Enterprise Corporation of the Delta/Hope Community Credit Union; Robert Jackson, Mississippi State Senator; Tate Reeves, Treasurer, State of Mississippi; Derrick Johnson, President, NAACP State Conference of Branches; and Beverly Hogan, President, Tougaloo College.