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Upcoming Advocacy Evaluation Breakfast…Be Sure to RSVP!

April 20, 2012

Save The Date: Advocacy Evaluation Breakfast on May 8th, 8:15-9:45AM
It’s morning. You’re hungry. And under-caffeinated. You think: “whatever happened to APEP’s advocacy evaluation breakfasts?” Don’t despair: on May 8th, we’re back and better than ever with a presentation on Alliance for Justice’s (AFJ) new Advocacy Capacity Tool—for assessing organizational capacity. Our friends at AFJ have revamped the 7-year old tool, broadening the range of capacities covered. The George Gund Foundation’s Marcia Egbert and AFJ’s Sue Hoechstetter will join us for plenty of hot coffee, breakfast treats, and good conversation. RSVP here.

Is it Environmental or Social? …Try Both
Our colleague at Ross & Associates, Anna Williams, has a message for folks: let’s stop separating the “environmental” from the “social” and start treating both as intrinsically connected. In the course of advocacy work, it’s easy for an organization to limit itself to one particular issue silo (be it climate change or reproductive health and family planning, just to name a couple). Anna’s AEA365 post speaks to the broader need to think beyond our own day-to-day work, make connections, and learn across established “turfs.” Now that’s one super lesson learned.

Simple Narratives, Complex World
We’re big fans of Thaler Pekar’s commentaries on communications, advocacy and storytelling. Pekar’s latest post for PhilanTopic raises interesting questions about how an individual’s story provides a compelling point of entry into complex issues and campaigns. The challenge for advocates: elevating the triumphant individual can make it harder to talk about the policy obstacles that many others are unable to overcome.