Urban Innovation

Urban Innovators and Leaders Gather at CityLab to Share Solutions

October 17, 2023  • Upcoming Events

Bloomberg CityLab, the preeminent global cities summit, was founded on the principle that the most important innovation is happening at the local level and that global impact can be achieved when cities share solutions.

The 2023 CityLab, organized by Bloomberg Philanthropies in partnership with the Aspen Institute, will convene more than 500 mayors and leading urban and civic leaders spanning over 200 cities, 40 countries, and six continents across the globe. Together they will share and explore new ideas and urban interventions that are being pressure-tested in the present and will impact the future of cities – where more than half the world’s population lives. 

Drawing on a decade of data, experiments, and initiatives pioneered by city leaders from around the world, programming will include panel discussions, one-on-one interviews, interactive breakout sessions, artistic performances, excursions to unique destinations across Washington, D.C., and key events for mayors and local officials. 

Topics that will be addressed include:

  • Advancing economic equality and environmental justice
  • Transforming streets and mobility options that put residents first
  • Building newfound community connections within and across cities
  • Tackling homelessness while expanding access to quality, affordable housing
  • Solving for sweeping, societal challenges such as climate change, public health and mental health care services
How to Tune In 

Want to watch the event virtually? Each day’s plenary will be live streamed.  

Watch Wednesday, October 18 Plenary (live at 8:45 am ET)

Watch Thursday, October 19 Morning Plenary (live at 8:15 am ET)

Watch Thursday, October 19 Afternoon Plenary (live at 1:45 pm ET)

Watch Friday, October 20 Plenary (live at 8:45 am ET)