So What?

Visualize This: Treasure and Fireworks

May 15, 2015  • Institute Contributor

Data viz – for reals

We often highlight cool examples of data viz in So What? because we like cool stuff – er, because data viz is important. No really, it actually is. As evaluators, we sometimes neglect to give data viz the attention it deserves – which can make it laughably difficult for our audiences to understand and use the data we have so painstakingly collected and analyzed for their benefit. At a recent conference, data visualization expert Ann Emery reminded us of this important point. Check out her blog for a treasure trove of accessible data viz tools, resources, tips, and examples.


More than data providers?

As we blogged last week, our recent Evaluation Breakfast presenters gave us great food for thought on local ownership in evaluation. Here’s a follow-up: a thoughtful analysis for DFID on the current practice of beneficiary (aka participant) feedback in evaluation, written by our New Friend from Across the Pond, Leslie Groves. Beneficiaries can be more than just a “data provider,” Leslie reminds us – and she offers this nifty matrix and a checklist to help us evaluators think through how we integrate participants into evaluation.


Social change whiplash

We tend to think about social change as a long, complex, and sometimes excruciatingly slow process. Because it often is. But in this stunning display of infographic fireworks, Alex Tribou and Keith Collins treat us to a different view of social change – one that focuses on the (relatively) rapid pace of change on major issues in the U.S. But can social change ever really go fast? The Resilience Exchange thinks we can at least go faster – it is hitting the accelerator on social change, promoting “positive plagiarism” to increase the pace of change. It’s pedal to the metal time.