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Washington Ideas Forum Day One

November 15, 2012  • Institute Contributor

This week, some of the nation’s most brilliant minds are meeting at the Newseum in Washington DC for important dialogues on vital issues in the US and abroad at the Washington Ideas Forum. Below are some of the highlights from day one.

John McCain“[She was] a political choice with a political narrative… I don’t trust her.” – Sen. Lindsey Graham on Susan Rice, ambassador to the United Nations.

“Yes…yes” – Sen. John McCain when asked if he felt Ambassador Rice was effectively disqualified from the position of secretary of state and when asked if he would support a filibuster to block her nomination. Watch a portion of the interview here

Bill Gates“The key to the job market is far more this education dilemma…our jobs mismatch IS an education problem.” – Bill Gates

“By the time Obama is out of office, the healthcare bill will be fully through and I predict popular.” – Rep. Barney Frank

“I actually don’t think people are that divided on the big questions.” – Sen. Michael Bennet

“Social mobility in America is arrested.” – Joel Klein

Watch today’s livestream here