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Washington Ideas Forum Day Two

November 16, 2012  • Institute Contributor

Madeleine Albright

The fourth annual Washington Ideas Forum, presented by The Atlantic, the Newseum, and the Aspen Institute, brought together top policy makers and journalists for a series of wide-ranging conversations and interviews. Some highlights from the conversations:

“There are more entrepreneurs per capita in China than there are anywhere else in the world” – David Rubenstein

“I think women do what is absolutely essential in diplomacy, which is try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.” – Madeleine Albright

Senator Marco Rubio


“I believe — and I’ve said this repeatedly — that the issue of kids that are in this country undocumented is not an immigration issue, it’s a humanitarian one … They are more like refugees in that sense than they are like illegal immigration folks. Because they’re here through no fault of their own. They’re raised their entire life here and they want to go on with their future.” – Marco Rubio

“[Romney’s 47% comment is] where he revealed himself in his most authentic way.” – Nancy Pelosi

“The long-term fiscal situation in the United States largely depends on health care and health care spending.” – Zeke Emanuel

“Voter suppression efforts backfired dramatically. Take away someone’s right to vote, and they get angry.” – Ed Rendell

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