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Washington Post on the Commission to Reform the Presidential Appointment Process

March 22, 2012

Washington Post Congress-watcher Ed O’Keefe blogged about the report by the Aspen Institute Commission to Reform the Federal Appointments Process recently. O’Keefe noted the panel’s assertion that presidential appointees too often “must navigate an archaic, unnecessarily burdenson and time-consuming background information process…” Washington Post opinion writer Jonathan Bernstein followed O’Keefe’s piece with a blog post agreeing with the panel’s findings and urging even more aggressive action to streamline appointments. He called the Commission’s recommendations “not enough” and said “… Iā€™m convinced that the best way to address this problem ā€” and it is a major problem ā€” is to radically reduce the level of vetting that the president (and the Senate) have demanded.”

CRFAP Commissioners

Read the commission’s report or watch the roundtable discussion below.

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