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Webinar – ‘Your Cultures Know How to Bring Wellness to our Young Life-givers’

October 6, 2011

Native Streams Institute is pleased to announce that its first webinar, ‘Your Cultures Know How to Bring Wellness to our Young Life-givers,’ will be held October 11, 2011 from 1-2:30 PM EST.  


This webinar will feature Theda New Breast from The Native Wellness Institute (NWI), and will highlight some of the lessons learned on using Native Culture to boost the mind, body and spirit of young Life-givers. Cultural teachings from cradleboard to grave will be explored, such as belly button keepers, naming ceremonies, learning to pick roots and herbal medicines, courting and dating protocols, and the sacredness of our “moon” and how it guides us through life.  Other topics will include raising Native girls with healthy sexuality, healing of past generations, and moving through addictions to come out a victor and not a victim.


Native Streams Institute (NSI), a key initiative of the Education Development Center, is dedicated to creating a sustainable, thriving future for the next generations in native communities. Our diverse staff, predominantly American Indian and Alaskan natives, is geographically spread across the U.S. and intimately familiar with tribal communities, customs, and culture. This deep understanding of native ways is enhanced by an unmatched level of expertise in such methods as capacity building through training and technical assistance, materials development, research, and the design and evaluation of programs.

Native communities are experiencing challenges and opportunities that affect healthy human development. We are committed to listening to community members, especially elders, and to working together, tapping their strengths to improve the human condition, particularly for those in the most vulnerable circumstances. Above all we understand the necessity of ensuring that our collaborative efforts are sustained. We come to the river with a willingness to stay until our work is done.

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