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July 18, 2014

Check That Email

Ever signed up for a group’s advocacy newsletter and received an automated welcome email? Yep, we have as well. So if you’ve ever wondered how effective these emails are in drawing people’s attention, the folks at have an answer for you. Guest blogger Drew Hudson walks us through some snazzy email data – open rates, click-throughs, and donation rates – to show why sending a welcome note to recent subscribers just makes a whole lot of sense.

A More Effective Government?

Here’s a nice piece on the value of evaluations, courtesy of The New York Times. David Leonhardt writes about what he calls a “quiet” trend in government circles of using data – particularly data drawn from randomized-controlled trials – to assess whether programs are working as intended. We agree with at least one of his takeaways: just ’cause measurement is hard doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. But we’d also add one thing: just ’cause an evaluation isn’t a randomized-controlled trial doesn’t mean it ain’t rigorous.

Bring On the Power

ONE’s The Power Project aims to mobilize broad support for the Energize Africa Act by encouraging advocates to contact their representatives in the US Senate. But what’s in it for these advocates…besides feeling good about contributing to a worthy cause? In this case, a paid trip to Washington, DC for a “power breakfast” with some pretty darn important people. ONE’s use of this incentive makes us wonder: among advocates, how much of a draw is the possibility of winning something big like this “power trip”? Time to take out the psychology books…