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Goldie Hawn, Michael Eisner, and Others Discuss Mindfulness at the Aspen Ideas Festival

July 2, 2015  • Allen Gannett, Guest Blogger

The sweeping views of the Aspen Institute campus in Aspen, CO, prompt even the wandering brain to be mindful. However, today, our 2015 Aspen Ideas Festival speakers and attendees resonated with two panels on mindfulness’ science and practical application.

The first panel, featuring psychology and psychiatry professor Perri Peltz, and David Lynch Foundation Executive Director Robert Roth was met with a packed room:

One of the speakers described mindfulness elegantly, as captured by attendee Pamela Fox:

The speakers also gave us guidance on how to apply this:

Later in the day, former Walt Disney Company Chairman and CEO Michael Eisner and actress Goldie Hawn talked of how mindfulness enabled Hawn’s career:

Mindfulness may be easy in a setting like Aspen, but today reinforced the need for people to be mindful no matter their location.

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