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What Is Your Upskilling Story and How Well Are You Telling It?

August 10, 2015  • Jaime S. Fall

Every company has an upskilling story. Your story may be an inspirational story about how your company is investing millions of dollars in developing the skills of your frontline workers. Or, it may be that you are just now beginning to think about upskilling as a key strategy for improving retention and recruitment. Yet for others, it may be that your company isn’t investing in its workers at all. Regardless of where your company fits on this spectrum, its upskilling strategy is telling a story to your employees and potential employees who are taking these upskilling stories into consideration when they consider where they want to work.

Our UpSkillAmerica Coalition partners at HR Policy Foundation, which works closely with large corporations, found three things when it comes to upskilling:

  • Many companies are making substantial investments in the education, training and development of their employees and those in their surrounding communities;
  • Because this information is all too often spread throughout various parts of the business– HR, business units, social responsibility programs or company foundations, the information often isn’t readily available; and
  • Since the information isn’t ready available, companies aren’t telling their story very cohesively.

That is why HR Policy Foundation created two very practical tools we want to pass along to you today:

We hope you will use these tools to self-evaluate how external users might learn about your investments in your workers and those in your communities and how compellingly your company tells this story.

If you have any questions about these tools, would like more information about UpSkillAmerica, or would just like to share how you used these tools, please contact us at UpSkillAmerica.org. We would love to hear from you.


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