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What Policies Are Needed to Strengthen Manufacturing?

October 10, 2012  • Institute Contributor

Manufacturing report cover

The US economy and employment continue to be major topics in the upcoming election. Aspen’s Manufacturing and Society in the 21st Century program recently released its seven top recommendations to continue to strengthen the manufacturing sector and produce manufacturing jobs. This summer, top industry leaders found the following recommended:

— Education: Teaching strong science, technology, engineering, and math skills from a young age will help create aneducated workforce to fill open manufacturing jobs.
— Trade policy: A more robust market-opening trade policy will help the US compete in global market share.
Election 2012— Energy Policy: Policy should support the current expansion of natural gas and oil, as well as new sources of clean and sustainable energy to stay competitive.

You can read about the other four top recommendations and more in the new publication Summary Findings of The Aspen Seminar on Policy Priorities for Manufacturing in the 21st Century, and learn about the program’s work here.