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What We’re Reading: News Sources For Egypt Coverage

July 15, 2013

Toni G. Verstandig is chair of the Aspen Institute Middle East Programs and senior vice president at the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace. 

Staying on top of the fast-breaking political situation in Egypt has been a challenge for many analysts and policymakers over the past several weeks. Blogs, social media, local media, global newswires, and opinion pieces each offer one part of a larger mosaic representing Egypt’s current political, social, and economic trajectory. At the Middle East Programs of the Aspen Institute, we depend on a cocktail of these valuable sources to stay informed on not only the current state of affairs in Egypt but also what to expect down the road.

Here are some of our go-to sources: 

From the Region

Al-Ahram English:” A cornerstone of the Egyptian news cycle, “Al-Ahram” is the most widely circulated Egyptian newspaper, and its English version is a must-read for those following the daily pulse of Egypt.

Egypt Independent:” A newcomer in Egypt, the Independent evolved as the English version of “Al-Masry Al-Youm” and has given “Al-Ahram” a run for its money in English-language content in Egypt. Though the Independent was slated for closure in 2013, the website remains live and is a good resource for current news.

The Arabist blog: A small shop blogging on Arab politics and culture, The Arabist offers curated content and original analysis worth reading for its thoughtful perspective.

Jadaliyya blog: The Arab Spring was a midwife to Jadaliyya, a free online magazine that has since established itself as a dependable resource for unique insights on the region in transition.

The Daily Star Lebanon:” “The Daily Star” is an anchor for quality news both in Lebanon and beyond. 

Haaretz:” For the Israeli angle on regional events, Haaretz remains an excellent publication.

Global Heavyweights

BBC News Middle East

“The New York Times” Middle East

“Foreign Policy” The Middle East Channel 

Reuters World News

Columnists and Contributors 

Tom Friedman, “The New York Times”

David Ignatius, “Washington Post”

David Rohde for Reuters

Robin Wright, Woodrow Wilson Center