Society of Fellows Leadership Fund

Help us introduce the Aspen Institute to a new generation of promising young leaders.

The Society of Fellows Leadership Fund is an endowed scholarship that brings leaders from diverse backgrounds to Aspen Institute programs, seminars, and events.

With gifts of all sizes, generous friends are enabling us to discover, inspire, and nurture the leaders shaping our society’s future.

“I am convinced that the week I spent at the Executive Seminar was the most profoundly transformative experience of my adult life. The Seminar challenged fundamental aspects of my worldview in a magnificently executed fashion that felt incredibly natural as the week progressed. I’ve pledged my life in service to our great nation and the values it represents, but until attending the Seminar, I could not intelligently articulate what those values were, or how, when, and why they are in conflict. I can think of no finer experience to impart to those who earn the privilege of leading our men and women in uniform.”

– Mason Dula, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force

In 2015, the Society of Fellows Leadership Fund awarded scholarships to students in Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley. This diverse group participated in a custom seminar that introduces young people to the Aspen ideal of exploring timeless values and promoting the open exhange of ideas.

“[The seminar] helped me better understand humanity and myself. I especially learned not to underestimate someone or make judgments too soon.”

– Margarita, 16, Carbondale

“Before, my question was, ‘How will I be successful?’ Now it is, ‘What will my contribution be?'”

– Kenia, 16, Basalt

“The diverse participants gave me a new perspective I couldn’t fathom having before the seminar.”

– Genevieve, 16, Glenwood Springs

The Institute is grateful to the following Society of Fellows members who have generously contributed to the SOF Leadership Fund:

Anonymous (3)
Kay Allaire
Ken Aponte
Wilma and Stuart Bernstein (in honor of Maurice Tobin)
Eugenie Bodlick (in honor of Maurice Tobin)
Kathleen and John Buck
Lorraine and Alfred Campos
Nancy and Clint Carlson
Kelly L. and John Close
Bunni and Paul Copaken
Cornelia and Richard Corbett
Dale Coudert (in honor of Maurice Tobin)
Penny and Jim Coulter
Jane and Marshall Crouch
Andrea L. Cunningham and Rand Siegfried
Sean Dalesandro
Alex Dell
Jane Phillips and William H. Donaldson
Nanette and Jerry Finger
Susan and Richard Finkelstein
Sakurado and William S. Fisher
Henrietta H. and Richard L. Fore
Paul Gillow
Jan and Ron Greenberg
Michael Gridley
David and Joann Grimes
Sheila and Patrick W. Gross
Casady Henry
Juliane Heyman
Ann F. and Edward R. Hudson, Jr.
Nike Irvin
Dorothy Jacobs
Mary and Thomas Allen James
Kathleen and Warren Jones
Ann P. and Stephen M. Kaufman
Bicky and George Kellner
Ann and Tom Korologos
Stanley Kritzik
Joan C. Lebach
Leonard Levie
Marlene and Frederic V. Malek
Stephen Marcus
Thomas McLarty (in honor of Maurice Tobin)
Mary and Garrett Moran
Morgridge Family Foundation
Eric L. Motley
Stephanie and Michael Naidoff
David L. Nevins
Eileen and Craig Newmark
Ann K. and William A. Nitze
Sandra Day O’Connor
Elaine Pagels
Patricia M. Papper
Hensley and James Peterson
Allison Pezzuti (in honor of Maurice Tobin)
Aaron and Dorothy Podhurst
Anne and Arnold Porath
Rodan Family Philanthropic Fund
Mary A. and James E. Rogers
Linda and Jay Sandrich
Nicole Avant and Ted Sarandos
Joan Schaffer (in honor of Maurice Tobin)
Lisa and David Schiff (in honor of Maurice Tobin)
David Solomon
Evelyn and Barry Strauch
Eleanor and John Sullivan
Chloe C. Tabah
Phyllis Taylor
Susan and Richard Ulevitch (in honor of Jane Nathanson)
Marie and Andy Unanue
Alexia and Roderick K. von Lipsey
Jennifer Causing and Peter Waanders
Monique Clarine and Ralph
Barbara Bakios-Wickes and
Steven Wickes
Wyndham Hotel Group