COVID-19 Health & Safety Advisory

The Aspen Institute regards the health and safety of its staff and participants as our highest priority and is committed to doing its part to end the COVID-19 pandemic. Below is an explanation of our standard health and safety measures we are taking, as well as expectations for our event attendees and office guests, that are needed to minimize the risk of transmission or spread of COVID-19 and related variants.

Please note that these protocols are subject to change, based on revised guidance from the CDC as this pandemic evolves, and/or from the local jurisdictions in which events are being held.

Programs hosting events to which you may be invited will update you with specific information you may need to attend these events, including any additional enhancements to our standard protocols or modifications selected for that event.

Visit our events page for information on upcoming programming and how to register.

Aspen Institute Events
  • We strongly encourage all those who attend Aspen Institute events to be up-to-date on their COVID-19 vaccinations, as defined by the CDC. Masks are welcome but not required. If you need a mask, we can provide one to you.

    Some programs may choose to require a negative COVID-19 rapid test in order to attend an event. If applicable, programs will clearly communicate this additional requirement in advance of the event.

    If you test positive for COVID-19, you will not be allowed to enter or attend the event in-person but may be able to view it online if that option is available. If you need to be tested, more information on the method, location, and timing of the tests will be provided to you by email before the event.

    Frequently Asked Questions: Aspen Institute’s COVID Safety Policies

    What about masks?

    Masks are welcome but not required. If you need a mask, we can provide one to you.

    What if I am experiencing symptoms on the day of the event?

    Please do not attend our events or visit our offices if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. If while you are with us you begin experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, we ask that you depart or we may need to ask you to leave if we think it might put others at risk.

    What if I test positive before the event or at entry?

    If you are required to take a COVID-19 test as a condition of entry to one of our events and you test positive, you will not be allowed to attend or enter the event in-person or may be asked to leave if the event is in progress. While we cannot diagnose or treat attendees for COVID-19 or any other disease, or offer medical advice, we will encourage anyone who tests positive to contact a qualified doctor or medical provider for more information, as well as review guidance from the CDC and public health officials. We also will make any necessary reports to public health authorities and may ask you for additional information for contact tracing purposes while managing your identity with respect for privacy. Where available, we also will give those individuals the opportunity to view the event online.

    What if I learn after the event that I have tested positive for COVID-19?

    If, after you depart our event, you learn that you have tested positive for COVID-19, we kindly ask that you notify us of that information. And we pledge to do the same for you, should we learn of any confirmed exposures among other staff or attendees you may have come in contact with. Your identity will be managed with respect for privacy.

    What if I have other questions about the Aspen Institute’s COVID safety policies?

    Please email us at

    What if I have more questions about privacy?

    To learn more about the Aspen Institute’s privacy policy, refer to