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2015 Socrates New York Salon: Artificial Intelligence, Business, and the Future of Work

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Moderator: Neil Jacobstein, Co-chairs of the AI and Robotics Track at Sigularity University headquartered at the NASA Research Park in Moutain View California

Artificial Intelligence, Business, and the Future of Work

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have demonstrated impressive performance recently on tasks as diverse as winning over the two world champions at Jeopardy, achieving human level performance at visual object recognition, and summarizing business and sports news. Machine learning is doubling in price performance every 18-24 months, enabled by unprecedented access to data, improved deep learning algorithms, and increasing cost effective computing hardware on mobile devices and in the cloud. In August, AI made the front cover of the Foreign Affairs, The Atlantic, Fortune, and Scientific American Mind. Popular opinions on AI have moved from skepticism, to grudging respect for the breadth and depth of tasks performed. There are now signs of alarm about the prospects for job displacement, and even the downside risks of AIs developing an agenda of their own. This seminar will examine 3 critical questions: 1) What can AI really do today and what is hype? 2) How will AI transform business and jobs? 3) Will the widespread use of AI lead to human impoverishment or unprecedented flourishing? Participants will be challenged with readings from multiple perspectives. No prior technical knowledge is required to participate in what promises to be a thought dialogue on the ethics of AI and work.

A discussion on how Artificial Intelligence is impacting business and society

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Sat Nov 14, 2015
9:00am - 3:00pm GMT+0000
New York, NY, United States