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2019 Inclusiv Conference

Ida Rademacher joins David Derryck and Margaret Libby for the “Bridging the Wealth Gap: Platforms and Tools from Mission-Driven Fintech Innovators” panel at the annual Inclusiv conference.

Bridging the Wealth Gap: Platforms and Tools from Mission-Driven Fintech Innovators

David Derryck, Margaret Libby, Ida Rademacher

As financial cooperatives that deliver returns to their members rather than shareholders, credit unions are uniquely positioned to bridge the growing wealth gap between “haves” and “have-nots”.  But we are not alone in this work.  The powerful new force of financial technology is beginning to transform our financial system. Can we leverage this moment of change to ensure that the needs of historically underserved communities are met with well-designed financial services that build wealth? Can fintech increase financial inclusion and reduce growing inequality?  A growing movement of mission-driven fintech innovators believe it can.  But greater inclusion and consumer financial health are not guaranteed outcomes of the fintech revolution. As nonprofits working at the intersection of financial technology and financial inclusion, these innovators will discuss how to leverage technology to build a financial system where consumers, regardless of their income, wealth, race, age, gender or location have access to affordable financial products and services.  And in partnership with Inclusiv and the network of community development credit unions we can together build tools that help generate economic stability and mobility, and build wealth and assets.

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Mon Sep 16, 2019 - Thu Sep 19, 2019
Los Angeles, CA