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Socrates Spain 2020 Online Seminar

Held in partnership with the Aspen Institute España, the Socrates Online Seminar will take place from October 15-17, 2020. Socrates international online seminars include three seminar sessions over three days.

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Technology, Freedom, & Voice:  On Being Human Today

“Technology, Freedom, & Voice:  On Being Human Today” assesses the impact of technology on 21st-century society and the humanity that it both reflects and affects.  In three modules, the seminar takes us from the ethical challenges inherent in our technologies to the existential freedoms that they offer and the ways in which we have begun at the same time to embrace a new, perhaps more fluid individual and species identity.  We start with robotics, genetics, nano-engineering and the behavioral targeting that has become a constant in our on-line existence; turn to mind-clones, migrant crises, and a rejection of the Singularity in favor of human creativity; and end on three cases of the human voice at its most expressive.  Even as we wrestle with our limitations, now as ever we create the beauty that transcends them.


Moderated by Leigh Hafrey, Senior Lecturer in Behavioral and Policy Sciences at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

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Thu Oct 15, 2020 - Sat Oct 17, 2020
Ronda, Spain