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A Love Letter to the Next Generation

What is the world we want to leave behind? What will we be remembered for? How will the future view us? If you sat down to write a love letter to your great-great-grandchildren, what would it say about the world you hope for them, and your role in creating it? This session will build off common language of the week (e.g. moral revolution, uncomfortable leadership, systemic injustice) to bring us back together with the charge to act. It will bring together “wise elders” of social justice with emerging leaders of change; the beauty of artistic imagination with the reckoning for moral imagination; the imperative to lead with the recognition of what that power means. We conclude with crafting a collective love letter for the next generation, as a shared manifesto of where we might go from here.


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Fri Aug 28, 2020
10:00am - 11:05am EDT