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National Security

The Aspen Strategy Group Presents: Technology and National Security: Maintaining America’s Edge


The Aspen Strategy Group invites you to a discussion celebrating the launch of their latest book, Technology and National Security: Maintaining America’s Edge. The program’s first discussion will focus on China’s rising technological capabilities, followed by an in-depth examination of the need for expanded collaboration between academia, the private sector, and the U.S. government to foster technological innovation. Theses panels will feature experts in the field, including Nick Burns, Joe Nye, Ash Carter, Richard DanzigMichèle Flournoy, Tom Donilon, Chris Brose, Sylvia Burwell, Doug Beck, Jack Clark, David Ignatius.

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Event information
Thu Jan 31, 2019
3:00pm - 6:00pm EDT
The Aspen Institute
Smith Room
2300 N Street NW
Washington DC