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National Security

ASG Summer Workshop 2020

The Aspen Strategy Group gathered for the first fully virtual Summer Workshop on July 31 and August 3, 2020, bringing together over seventy experts from the fields of government, academia, journalism, and business to discuss the most pressing foreign policy challenges facing the United States.

The meeting focused on four critical subjects: race, democracy, and political divisions on the American home front; the future of U.S.-China relations; the global economy; and U.S. foreign policy priorities for 2021.

Coming out of the discussions, the participants agreed to release a statement calling for a renewal of America’s national service programs as a way to unite the country, expand economic opportunity, and help the country recover from the pandemic. That statement can be found here.

The discussions also informed the chapters of the 2020 Aspen Strategy Group policy book, “Domestic and International (Dis)Order: A Strategic Response” which can be found here.

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Fri Jul 31, 2020 - Mon Aug 3, 2020