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ASG Summer Workshop 2022

The Aspen Strategy Group gathered for the 2022 Summer Workshop on July 22 – July 25. The meeting brought together over 50 ASG members and invited experts from the fields of government, academia, journalism, and business to discuss some of the most pressing challenges facing the United States.

The workshop this year was dedicated to formulating a new multidimensional grand strategy to help shape a new global rules-based order favorable to democratic values. In the pursuit of that aim, sessions centered on countering the threat posed by Russia and China both at home and abroad, engaging the global south, facilitating the post-pandemic economic recovery, responding to new technologies and emerging threats, strengthening NATO and the global security infrastructure, and addressing the new nuclear weapons environment.

Coming out of the discussions, the Aspen Strategy Group will compile papers from participants in our annual policy book series and the ideas emanating from the meeting will be promoted in op-eds, podcasts, and various other formats in the coming month. The policy book – in addition to this new digital compilation – will be published online in December 2022.

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Fri Jul 22, 2022 - Mon Jul 25, 2022