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Aspen Institute Roundtable on Spectrum Policy (AIRS)

There is a growing demand for spectrum resources that have traditionally been reserved separately for terrestrial or satellite uses. In an effort to expand their services, spectrum users are looking to use or share the bands reserved for others. While there are some regulatory provisions to enable sharing of spectrum, current guidelines do not facilitate sharing among satellite or terrestrial services. It is therefore timely to address pressing concerns about spectrum policy as it relates to the future of satellites.

This year’s roundtable will center on the tensions between satellite use of spectrum and terrestrial uses. What new approaches should policy-makers consider in relation to sharing of satellite and terrestrial spectrum? What provisions prevent the highest and best uses of spectrum? And who should manage the possible shared usage?

The event is by invitation only.

Event information
Mon Oct 29, 2018 - Wed Oct 31, 2018
Wye River
Queenstown, MD