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Aspen Ministers Forum Session XXVII – October 2023

In October 2023, the Aspen Ministers Forum convened in Copenhagen, Denmark for their 27th session. Celebrating its 20th anniversary and continuing to be inspired by the legacy of the AMF’s founder Madeleine Albright, the ministers and invited experts discussed three essential factors contributing to the challenges facing the international system, including emerging technologies, global power shifts, and transnational challenges. These themes underscore the necessity of a coordinated international response to protect the stability of the global system. 

As the world wrestles with differing national, regional, and international standards and regulations, this group and others must work to ensure that the multilateral system builds global safety standards that can regulate technology without stifling innovation. Democracies must focus on an open, collaborative, inclusive process to ensure the best possible standards for all people. The group discussed expanding alliances and new models of cooperative security to make our current global institutions work better. Furthermore, with growing pessimism about democracy as a form of government, the group highlighted the importance of centering all voices and fully incorporating developing nations into the global geopolitical system. 

Going forward, the Aspen Ministers Forum will continue its work to preserve and promote democratic values. The ministers emphasized the need to shore up democratic systems and institutions, not abandon them, and explore new models that bring peace and agency back to the people. Democratic governments are still the best way to ensure a more peaceful and prosperous world. Despite the myriad challenges facing democratic governments, we maintain the optimistic spirit that was characterized by our founder, who challenged us all when she said: “Democracy is not a spectator sport. We need to participate.”

As the forum is committed to both dialogue and action, please see below for links to statements and articles that have emerged from our time together.

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Sat Oct 7, 2023 - Mon Oct 9, 2023
Copenhagen, Denmark