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Aspen Winter Energy Roundtable

The 2019 Aspen Winter Energy Roundtable will take place February 24-28 in Aspen, Colorado. The Winter Energy Roundtable will bring together ~45 experts from corporate, government, academia, and non-profits to talk about key issues in the space of clean energy innovation and deep decarbonization.

The roundtable format stresses dialogue between participants, rather than question and answer or just listening to speakers. While each session is introduced by brief presentations, the majority of time is reserved for candid dialogue between participants. The roundtable is enhanced by an informal atmosphere and a not-for-attribution rule that encourages creative thinking, dissenting opinions, and candid dialogue


This event is by invitation-only. 

Event information
Sun Feb 24, 2019 - Thu Feb 28, 2019
Aspen Meadows Resort
Aspen, CO