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Book Talk featuring Peter F. Cowhey and Jonathan D. Aronson

Peter F. Cowhey and Jonathan D. Aronson are the authors of Transforming Global Information and Communication Markets: The Political Economy of Innovation. After introductory remarks from the authors we will hold a dialogue moderated by Charlie Firestone, Executive Director of the Communications and Society Program.

Synopsis: How ICT markets evolve depends on politics and policy, and since the 1950s periodic overhauls of ICT policy have transformed competition and innovation. This pathbreaking examination of ICT from a political economy perspective argues that continued rapid innovation and economic growth require new approaches in global governance that will reconcile diverse interests and enable competition to flourish.

Acclaim for the book: “An astonishingly timely, hopeful, and important book that will influence our thinking about global governance and markets, international policy, and how our human institutions are organized,” said Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Business at USC. “Eye-opening and totally sensible.”

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Tue Apr 7, 2009
12:00pm - 1:30pm GMT+0000
Washington, DC