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Urban Innovation

CityLab 2017: Urban Solutions to Global Challenges

CityLab is a celebration of cities and city life. This one of a kind gathering brings together mayors from around the world, along with urban experts, business leaders, artists and activists. This year we will be in Paris, a global center for art, fashion, food and culture. The city offers an extraordinary backdrop for this change-making experience. For two and a half days, participants come together to explore solutions for the most pressing issues facing city leaders and city dwellers alike. Through panel discussions, one on one conversations, workshops and field trips, the event is a showcase for innovation and ingenuity. And while there are deep divisions in the world today, CityLab attendees are united by their ambition to make their cities more vibrant and livable.

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*Schedule Subject to Change*


08:00-18:00: Registration Open
20:00-22:00: CityLab Opening Reception at the Intercontinental Paris Le Grande
21:30: Nightcap with Night Mayors from Amsterdam and London


07:00-09:15: Registration and Breakfast
08:15-09:00: Topical Breakfast Chats

  • Sustainable Cities for All
  • Talking Tokyo
  • Improving Equality of Opportunity: New Lessons from Big Data and Local Interventions that Work
  • Setting the Stage for a More Democratic Theater
  • The Metro Mayor Experiment

12:05: Lunch and Optional Field Trips (Field Trips Include: City of Paris Refugee Center; Clichy Eco District)
13:30-14:30: Afternoon Breakout Sessions, topics include:

  • Automation & Future of Work: Helping Citizens Learn New Skills
  • Game Changers: How to Embrace Disruptive Innovation and Lead Without Fear
  • From Seatbelts to Smoke Free Cities: How Local Strategies Can Make a Healthier World
  • Housing Innovation: Delivery Labs and Other Advances to Meet Urban Housing Demands

14:50-16:15: Afternoon Plenary Sessions

  • Designing the Communities of the Future
  • Combatting Terrorism in Cities
    • Part I: Counter-radicalization and Why It Matters
    • Part II: Strategies for a More Secure Streetscape
    • Part III: One-on-One Interview with the Mayor of Barcelona

19:30: Evening Reception at the Musee D’Orsay


08:15-9:00: Topical Breakfast Chats
09:15: Optional Field Trip to Station F
09:00-11:10: Morning Plenary Sessions, topics to include:

  • Refugees: Beyond Accommodation to Full-Scale Integration
  • Cultivating Creative Citizenship
  • Mapping a Path to Inclusive Mass Transit
  • Living History: Memorials, Public Art and Civic Identity

11:30-12:30: Afternoon Breakout Sessions, topics to include:

  • Hidden Citizens and the Fight Against Urban Loneliness
  • Building a Culture of Innovation: An Interactive Debate About What Works and What Doesn’t
  • Cities of Big Brotherly Love: Can Cities Use Residents’ Data Without Crossing a Line?
  • Mayoral Powers in the Age of New Localism with the Brookings Institute

12:30-12:55: Lunch
12:55-14:00: Afternoon Plenary Sessions, topics Include:

  • The Age of Citizen Power
  • A Home in the World:  One Year Later with the Good Chance Theater
  • Identity, Cities and How to Make a Melting Pot Melodious

14:00: CityLab programming concludes
14:30-17:00: Optional Field Trip: Urban Farm Tour


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Sun Oct 22, 2017 - Tue Oct 24, 2017
Paris, France