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Family Finances

Developing Solutions to Boost Household Financial Security in Cities

Each month AAMA hosts monthly calls with mayors, community leaders, subject matter experts, and business and strategic partners to share best practices for municipal governments, as well as, provide updates regarding AAMA and their current efforts. Families across the country are struggling to achieve and maintain financial security. Addressing household-level financial challenges is key to helping all families succeed, and the benefits of financial security “ripple out” to improve entire communities and cities. When households are financially insecure, cities experience huge costs in the form of lost revenues – such as when people can’t afford to pay property taxes or utility bills. Managing Director Joanna Smith-Ramani and Program Fellow Kiese Hansen will lead a teleconference so participants can learn more about what mayors are doing to prevent these vicious cascades of harm and develop solutions to boost household financial security.

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Wed Feb 12, 2020