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Dec 16: #DigitalSkills Twitter Chat

On Thursday, December 16, from 2-3 pm EST, the Employer Network Advancing Digital Skills & Equity will host a Twitter chat on efforts to advance digital resilience and equity. This conversation is open to all who are interested, especially businesses as well as workforce development organizations and education and training providers. We hope you can join us!

Registration is encouraged but not required. If you plan to participate, please let us know using this form so we can include you in any advance communications. For questions, email us at


Employer Network Advancing Digital Skills & Equity, led by @JoinDigitalUS and @WorldEdUS in partnership with @upskillamerica.

Promotional Tweets

This discussion is open to all, so feel free to invite your network! Here are a few sample tweets.

Join the Employer Network Advancing Digital Skills & Equity (led by @JoinDigitalUS, @WorldEdUS, and @upskillamerica) for a Twitter chat on Dec 16, 2-3 pm EST. Share how your organization is working to advance digital resilience and equity. #DigitalSkills

Hear how our organization is advancing digital resilience and equity! Join us for a #DigitalSkills Twitter chat on Dec 16 at 2pm ET. Hosted by @JoinDigitalUS, @WorldEdUS and @upskillamerica.

Since the arrival of COVID-19, technology and digitization have transformed the workplace. How can we make sure these changes are for the better? Join us on Dec 16 for a #DigitalSkills Twitter chat hosted by @JoinDigitalUS, @WorldEdUS, and @upskillamerica.

Digital resilience is a continuous process: Identify (skill needs) > Invest (in workers) > Hire (equitably) > Upskill/Reskill (to build skills) > Advance (into career pathways). Let’s talk about it! Join a #DigitalSkills Twitter chat on Dec 16, 2pm ET.

Promotional graphic for a #DigitalSkills Twitter chat on December 16, 2021, from 2-3 pm EST. The discussion is hosted by @JoinDigitalUS, @WorldEdUS and @upskillamerica.

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Tweets will be sent by @upskillamerica at the times listed below. You can follow the conversation and engage with fellow participants here. If you are unavailable during this time, you may schedule tweets in advance using a free tool like TweetDeck or Buffer. Include the hashtag #DigitalSkills in all your tweets to ensure they are visible to other participants.

2:00 pm EST

Welcome to today’s #DigitalSkills Twitter chat! This discussion is being hosted by the Employer Network Advancing Digital Skills & Equity, which is a partnership of @JoinDigitalUS, @WorldEdUS, and @upskillamerica.

2:01 pm EST

The network consists of employers from across industry sectors who are working together to ensure the country’s workers, learners, and communities have the digital access and #digitalskills essential for thriving in a post-COVID digital economy.

2:02 pm EST

Today we want to hear about your efforts to advance digital resilience and equity at your company, or—in the case of #wkdev and education partners—at the organizations you work with. #DigitalSkills

2:03 pm EST

Our hashtag is #DigitalSkills. Be sure to include it in all your tweets. And please begin each tweet with the number of the question you are responding to. (For example, a response to Q3 should start with “A3.”) Join the conversation in real time here:

2:04 pm EST

But first, let’s give everyone a chance to introduce themselves. Please share your name, organization, and location with the group! #DigitalSkills

We are @upskillamerica, an initiative of the @AspenInstitute Economic Opportunities Program, based in Washington, DC.

2:10 pm EST

Q1. How has technology and digitization changed your workplace since the onset of COVID-19? #DigitalSkills

2:18 pm EST

Q2. Identify: How do you identify the #digitalskills your company needs?

2:26 pm EST

Q3. Invest: How is your organization helping to build the #digitalskills of workers in your community or company?

2:34 pm EST

Q4. Hire: What hiring practices are you using to find talent with #digitalskills equitably?

2:42 pm EST

Q5. Upskill: What steps are you taking to ensure workers can participate in and succeed in developing their #digitalskills?

2:50 pm EST

Q6. Advance: How are you creating advancement pathways for workers to move up in their careers based on #digitalskills development?

2:59 pm EST

Thanks for joining today’s #DigitalSkills Twitter chat! We hope you found it insightful. Stay up-to-date on Employer Network activities by joining our mailing list:



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Thu Dec 16, 2021
2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT