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Discussion of Alzeheimer’s Disease with Dr. Barry Greenberg from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

More than 5 million people in the US and 44 million people globally have their lives directly impaired by Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Based on recent US demographics, about 15 of you attending this speaker event will be affected. The disease was described over 100 years ago and despite major global research efforts, a cure for AD is still elusive.

Professor Barry Greenberg, a biochemist, molecular biologist, geneticist, pharmacologist and member of the Neurology Faculty at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, has been involved in AD research and drug discovery since 1985. He is a world leader in understanding the overall incidence, prevalence, progression and biology of AD, and the many associated risk factors including those related to genetics and environment.
Dr. Greenberg will provide a basic overview of the disease clinical neurobiology, potential risk factors, some of the very latest global clinical research results, as well as the challenges and promises for future prevention and treatment opportunities. He will also discuss some of the latest disease hypotheses and describe lifestyle modification studies that are informing what steps can be taken to minimize your own risk of AD.

Dr. Greenberg is currently directing the creation of a new AD Translational Center at Johns Hopkins, linking basic and clinical research in the neurosciences to develop effective preventative therapies for dementia. He brings a unique, multifaceted perspective to this devastating medical condition, drawn from corporate research and drug development to hospital and academia-based research including clinical trials and global research strategies.

In 2016-2017, Dr. Greenberg was Chair of the US National Institute on Aging International Committee to develop strategies for the future of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center program in the US. Do not miss this important and very relevant presentation.

Event information
Wed Feb 5, 2020
5:00pm - 7:00pm EDT
Temple B'nai Israel
Easton, MD