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Funding Our Future SmartMoney Retirement Expo

The Aspen Institute Financial Security Program’s Senior Policy Manger Tim Shaw presented at Funding Our Future’s Smart Money Retirement Expo.

Panel Description:

For millions of Americans, retirement is an uncertain prospect. At a time when people are living longer, and incomes are stagnant, the Employee Benefit Research Institute projects that over 40 percent of Gen Xers will run short of money in retirement. This is a complex issue, but some of the causes are clear. Many workers lack access to workplace retirement savings plans and others are not taking advantage of them. Emergency expenses often lead people to drain their retirement accounts early, and even when Americans successfully build up a nest egg, there is no clear path to make sure those savings last. To top it all off, Social Security’s finances are out of balance, with a large cut in benefits on the horizon if no action is taken. A distinguished panel of experts will discuss these challenges, what it means for your finances, and what policymakers can be doing to help.

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Sat Nov 23, 2019
Funding our Future